In 2008, we began a project that would help revolutionize the way businesses across the globe connect and interact with their customers. We called that project mywurld™

Just Launched: The mywurld™ Cruise Planner

The mywurld™ Cruise Planner: a travel-industry first!

Say goodbye to traditional brochures!

The revolutionary mywurld™ Cruise Planner allows travel agents and customers to view a wide range of cruise details and options online, in lieu of traditional, bulky, and eventually coffee stained brochures.

Easily view various cruise packages, search out destination-specific information, view ship information, plan and customize trips according to your customers preferences, all from one great place. Once a package is selected and booked the Cruise Planner automatically generates into a mywurld™ Itinerary.




  • View and book cruise packages
  • View ship and cabin details
  • Search tours and activities
  • Destination-specific information, such as fast facts and weather
  • Create new leads whenever your customers share their mywurld™ Planner
  • Share with family and friends

mywurld™ Products


Goodbye Brochures!

Easily create personalized, online travel planners for your clients.  Choose multiple vacation packages that are transformed into beautiful, online brochures that make booking easy!


The next level in itineraries!

Give your clients the next level of personalized service.  Online itineraries that offer trip countdowns, destination information, and so much more will make sure your clients come back again.

mywurld™ Desktop

Everything in one place!

Manage all of your clients trips from one, easy-to-use place!  The mywurld™ Desktop gives you the ability to plan, book, preview and send trips to and for your customers.  Register today!

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